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Blue Opal and Marcasite Pendant
  • Blue Opal and Marcasite Pendant

    Pear shaped Blue Opal and Marcasite set in shining sterling silver. This beautiful Marcasite and Opal pendant, sold seperatley and also available in a set. One of the benefits of wearing Opal gemstone is that it aids passion and strength to your relationships. Marcasite inspires relaxation, reflection, spiritual development, focus and clarity. Together the two elements make an excellent combination. These stuning earrings are bound to add beauty to any outfit or occassion. Set in 925 sterling silver.

    • Properties

      Beautiful Blue Opal

      A stone of communication and creativity, Blue Opal allows you to speak your mind without fear or recrimination. It can help you believe in your own abilities and attract like-minded people into your life. Blue Opal can be used for protection during spiritual journeying or astral travel.

    • No Refunds/Exchanges

      We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. Our 12 month guarantee covers manufacturing defects. If you receive a defective item, please contact us at with details of the product and the defect.

    • Aftercare

      Do not clean your opal jewellery in an ultrasonic machine, this could damage the opal. Keep away from any harmful chemicals, these can be found in fragranced creams and perfumes, chemicals may affect the colour of your jewellery. A microfibre cleaning cloth is recommended for safe, effective cleaning. With very delicate marcasite stones surrounding this beautiful setting, please ensure to clean this item carefully.

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