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Lavender and Basil Natural Soy Candle
  • Lavender and Basil Natural Soy Candle

    FIll your home with a beautiful Lavender and Basil aroma.


    These excellent candles are made from natural soy wax, which is a renewable resource, and scented with lavender and basil essential oil. 


    Unlike other paraffin wax candles, soy wax is biodegradable. 


    Both Lavender and Basil have many known and proven uses.


    These candles make an excellent gift.... treat yourself!

    • Burning Benefits

    • No Refunds/Exchanges

      We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us at with details of the product and the defect.

    • Caution with Candles

      To prevent fire and serious injury; burn candle within sight and out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near any flammable products/materials. 

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