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Dear Zoo Wooden Handmade Story Board and Discs
  • Dear Zoo Wooden Handmade Story Board and Discs

    Our natural story sets support expanding and exploring our imagination, using our favourite books and stories! 


    Our double sided wooden discs can be used to express the different parts of the story, using them as props to expand vocabulary. They can be used alongside your A4 wooden story board, matching the discs with the board as a logical and puzzle solving activity. This story set can be used in so many different ways!! Our discs have pictures of all animals lazer printed on one side, on the other side you will find the word of the animal, helping children recognise and link different animals. 


    All of our products are hand made to order using wood and vinyl, easy to take with you on the move. Children love exploring the different parts of these sets and even extending them outside of the story, maybe just to show you their favourite animal!

    This set includes:

    8 double sided  discs (animal image and description):
     - Monkey
     - Camel
     - Frog
     - Elephant
     - Giraffe 
     - Lion
     - Snake
     - Dog

    1 double sided wooden disc:
     - Letter

    1 Large A4 Wooden Board:
     - Containing the main parts of the Dear Zoo Story.

    Disc Size:
    Height: 3.5inches
    Width: 3.5inches
    Depth: 0.4inches

    Board Size:


    These learning boards are educational resources and not a toy. We recommended incorporating our resources into your activities with adult supervision, for children aged 3 and above.

    Do not submerge in water. Please note as natural resources are used in the creation of our products, there may be slight differences, blemishes and variations.

    Personalised story books can be made using any book, if you are interested in creating your own personalised story set with a book we do not currently do, please email us at

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