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Affirmation Pack - Mindfulness
  • Affirmation Pack - Mindfulness


    Affirmation Cards

    • 3 x 5 cm; 53 travel size cards and velvet carry case
    • Compathy themed positive quotes, artwork and self-care tasks for anyone seeking to improve their mental well-being without being preached at!
    • Written and designed by Nathaniel Lloyd Richards for
    • Explore how fans are taking affirmations out of the box and into the universe with #compathy on social media platforms!

    Scented book Mark

    • Cinnamon scented bookmark featuring motivational quotes from the book 'Compathy' by Nathaniel Lloyd Richards

    Scented 'heart warming' Candle

    • Pear and wild fig scented clear light candle
    • The sweet aroma of sun-ripened figs, combined with fresh notes of pear and the sweet scent of blackcurrants and raspberries, was inspired by a sunny day in the Mediterranean. An extra touch of apple adds the feel-good factor during those wonderful summer days. Relive the pleasure of a sunny summer holiday with Heart Warmings.
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