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8 Handmade Wooden Physical Exercise Discs
  • 8 Handmade Wooden Physical Exercise Discs

    Our fun portable PE activity discs! On one side the name of of a yoga stretch, and on the other side a character showing how to do the stretch.

    Use our handmade discs to have fun exploring physical development. Children have high levels of energy that need to be expended, and the benefits of physical play are critical to a child’s physical and mental development. Taking our discs outside can also provide an outlet for stress and release tension and anxiety. Our physical education discs can be used in a group activity or one to one.

    Handmade to order, eco friendly from our products to packaging.

    Coming with a small cloth pouch to carry with you on the go, our 8 discs have the following stretches:

    Butterfly Stretch
    Reach for the Stars
    Star Jump
    Arm Roll
    Hamstring Stretch
    Head Roll
    Touch your Toes (sitting)
    Touch your Toes (standing)

    Disc Sizes:

    10cm/4 Inches with 2mm thickness


    These learning boards educational resource and not a toy. We recommended incorporating our resources into your activities with adult supervision, for children aged 3 and above.

    Do not submerge in water. Please note as natural resources are used in the creation of our products, there may be slight differences, blemishes and variations.

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